GIE Data Solutions was formed in 2014 as a direct result of the development of the software systems iSirc ™ and TMI ™ by GIE Media’s software development team. Both systems specifically address the needs of the publishing industry, and are available by license through GIE Data Solutions.

As a publishing company, your audience data is the key to your success. Your data, however, is only as valuable as the tools you use to manage it. iSIRC provides publishers with a powerhouse solution that allows you to collect and control information on your print and digital brands, including your newsletters, white papers, webinars, events, and other products connected to your brand. iSIRC enables you to manage both controlled and paid circulation, and it satisfies the requirements of 3rd party audit companies such as BPA and Verified. It performs 100% in real time, providing instant access to your audience at all times.


  • Allows an unlimited number of demographic questions linked to your brand
  • Uses promotions for tracking efforts and batching for finding hard copy documents
  • Enforces strict qualification rules during subscription entry
  • Provides quick and easy customer service updates that do not affect qualification
  • Implements issue management to close an issue and verify print and digital counts
  • Includes reporting, import/export, and a sophisticated query system
  • Delivers the best duplicate record checking and data validation on the market
  • Saves changes in an audit history table for data tracking and trend analysis


  • Manages all of your brand’s products in one integrated database
  • Connects to your website to get new subscribers and requalify existing ones
  • Attaches to a mapping service to geo-code addresses by latitude and longitude
  • Hooks into an SMTP email server to send eblasts directly from the system


  • Stops duplication before it happens
  • Validates data prior to committing
  • Provides an easy to use, but powerful query builder
  • Supports opt-outs for email, phone, fax and more

More information about GIE Data Solutions and its offerings can be found at